Repair & Customization Services

Life happens – glasses break. Whether they were sat on, stood on, kicked, dropped, thrown or cracked, we can help. Unlike other establishments, in-person or online, Vered Optical has a licensed optician on-site at all times during business hours, 100% in compliance with the regulations set forth by the Government of Ontario. Therefore, we are able to easily and quickly provide repair services and replacements because someone is already around qualified to do the work.

We also provide customized eyewear solutions for a whole assortment of situations. Want to turn a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers into eyeglasses? No problem! Need a hip frame turned into sunglasses! Easy!

Just come on in and speak to a licensed optician about what you need – we’ll take care of the rest, just as we have for thousands and thousands of customers for the last 40 years.Eye Wear Services