Follow Vered Optical On Social Media? Get A Discount on Eyewear!

Hi Everyone,

So Vered Optical is on a variety of Social Media Channels. For those of you that follow and interact with us, thank you very much. For the rest of you, we look forward to seeing you very soon …

Vered Optical is officially on the following social media channels:

Besides our widely celebrated content and updates about what’s going on with the store, and eyewear in general, we are going to provide another incentive to check us out – anyone who follows Vered Optical on any of the channels and can prove to us that they do will get 15% of ANY purchase any purchase whatsoever, be it sunglasses, eyeglasses … any kind of eyewear we carry. All you have to do is prove it. Show us on your phone. Print out your social media identity and a list of who you follow before you come in. Whatever – we just need some proof, and you’ll get yourself 15% off anything you want in the store. That’s a promise!

We look forward to seeing you soon online AND in the store … with proof ;)