Impossible To Look Any Smarter Than With The “Einstein”

This is a front shot of the Spectacle Eyeworks eyeglass frame, the "Einstein"Spectacle Eyeworks of Vancouver, BC, is easily the hottest thing eyewear out of Canada. There are various hip lines with different themes and materials, from trendy retro designs to bamboo wood-based high-end luxury frames. One of our favourites is the “Einstein”, which pays tribute to the classic Tart Arnel, originally from the 1950s, updating it for the 21st century, including elegant perforated rise front finishing and a truly superior acetate composite build. Moreover, this frame speaks to the absolute genius designers at Spectacle Eyeworks, and all they have accomplished in the time they have been in operation. We look forward to more from Canada’s finest eyewear fashion purveyors, and in the meantime, feel free to visit them at

This is a back shot of the Spectacle Eyeworks eyeglass frame, the "Einstein"