Iyoko Inyake – Fresh Style That Will Make You Smile

This is a close up photograph of very stylish 1980s style Iyoko Inyake aviator eyeglass frames

To put it quite simply, this pair of frames is easily one of the most hip and ultra chic that we’ve ever had come through our store. There are a *LOT* of eyewear design firms in the world today, but one would be surprised how few of their products are of high quality. They often look great, but break at the slightest bit of stress. Iyoko Inyake not only does a STUPENDOUS job making eye-catching conversation pieces with their designs (like the above – seriously … how absolutely BEAUTIFUL are they?!?!), but they also happen to be made of the finest and most sturdy materials you can find. In fact, out of the lines we carry and have carried, we can honestly say that Inyake frames come back for repairs¬†the least.

Designed in Belgium and handmade in Japan, these luxury retro aviators done in a 1980s style are very hot, so get them while you can right here in Toronto …