Last Pairs Of The In Demand & Discontinued “Ringo” By Anne Et Valentin

A photo of two pairs of Anne Et Valentin Ringo eyeglass frames, in demand and discontinued

Being an optical that sells unique and designer frames from around the world, we also get requests from around the world for all different sorts of eyewear. The “Ringo”, inspired by Ringo Starr of Beatles fame obviously, is one of the most requested frames we have ever carried. Handcrafted of the finest acetates available in France and designed in Paris using an understated flamboyance that comes off as elegant with every pair, the Ringos are a throwback to retro times while a glimpse into the future. The colours are absolutely superb, as well.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in these frames – they very well may be the last ones available on earth as the Ringos are completely discontinued and unavailable by most accounts anywhere (which is why we get so many requests). Not even the owners of Anne et Valentin can get their hands on a pair … now that’s rare!