Original 1980s Vintage Italian Luxury Sunglasses From Lotus

This is an image of a pair of 1980s vintage Lotus automobile-branded sunglasses

Around the world, the name “Lotus” is synonymous with the luxury experience – exquisitely designed automobiles that please all the senses. From the smell of the sensuous leather interior upholstery to the unique avant garde shapes and contours that compose the exterior, from the roaring purr of the powerful engine to the handling of the gorgeous steering wheel while reaching top speeds with ease, Lotus has always been for those who appreciate the rare blend of craftsmanship and pizzazz. These 1980s new-old stock Lotus sunglasses are no exception, and most likely even rarer than the sight of a Lotus zipping through the urban avenues.

As we venture into a new age of design with a general refinement of what is considered a luxurious experience, one occasionally finds themselves yearning for an age that has gone by. The 1980s were a time of extravagance and flair, consumption without a care, and the embodiment of all that freedom bestows upon those who are willing to work just a little bit harder than the rest. These particular frames were only available at select Lotus automobile dealerships, and epitomize the 1980s jet-set European lifestyle and all that it afforded.

This is a photo of a European tycoon with his private plane and Lotus Espirit

Stop on by the shop and try on a pair of frames that will at once allow you to take a step back into the past while also ensuring you look good going into the future … the weather is perfect for it and why … don’t you deserve it?