Pack Your “Passeport”s When You Travel To Style Next

Shot of Francois Pinton Silver Passporte frames from the front

Sometimes, classic and simple is the most hip and chic. We sell all kinds of different frames here at Vered Optical, and though they range from the most unique of 1970s vintage flash to the modern Scandanavian avant garde, some of our all-time best sellers are just good quality, great looking frames, like this pair of Francois Pinton “Silver Passeport”s. Classic black, round and streamlined frames that sold out nearly immediately when initially in our hands. This is easily one of the most popular Francois Pinton designs of all-time (indicated by the number of Google searches landing on our website), and remains the quintessential look for the business professional, serious intellectual, or wherever you fall in between.

Last pair available in the store so come on in.