Pierre Eyewear, The French Designer Eyewear That Gives Life

Pierre Eyewear logo

One would be surprised to learn how difficult it is to select eyewear for an optical store. There are many factors that need to be taken in to account. For one, you have to ensure that the quality is top-notch, otherwise customers will be back very shortly with broken frames. You have to make sure that the frames themselves are stylish enough for your clientele, but not so outlandish that they would only be good to wear once at a fashion show. As well, the brand has to be one that is hip and known, but not by everyone – there has be an exclusivity for “those in the know”, otherwise, you’ll be like every other optical store in the city that caters to the masses. The best eyewear boutiques will ideally only carry frames that “x” of all the above. Sometimes, you’re lucky when you discover an optical brand that does even more … like Pierre Eyewear.

This photo is of a beautiful pair of Pierre sunglasses from France

Pierre Eyewear is best summed up by the founder, Pierre Cariven himself, with the following:

“Without a soul, eyewear is only an ocular prothesis. It is the creator who gives it life.”

This is a photo of the founders and principal designers of PIerre Eyewear

<Pierre and Marilyn Cariven, founders and principal designers for Pierre Eyewear>

 Indeed, Pierre Eyewear designs, across all of their lines, possess a vitality and exceptionalism  that can only be achieved when the designer’s intent is to bestow more than just style, but an appreciation for and engagement in life itself. Each frame is endowed with unique traits down to the smallest detail – texture, ergonomics, rhythm, color and vividity that scream out for attention all the while maintaining and self-discriminating simplicity that only the finest of handmade French design can permit. Whether they are glamorous eyeglasses or spectacular sunglasses, all pieces from Pierre impress.

This is a photograph of black & white Pierre Eyewear eyeglasses from France

A pleasure to hold, a pleasure to look at and, of course, a pleasure to wear, we are proud to carry Pierre Eyewear at Vered Optical. Come in to take a look and what we presently have in stock from this fine French fashion duo who, through their designs, continue to give our customers life …

This is a group photograph of PIerre Eyewear sunglasses in multiple colours