Postcards From Vered – #1

This is a new feature of the Vered Optical Style Blog … unique vintage photographs featuring great eyewear with a short story interpretation of what thoughts involved with the photograph may have been, done in the style of a postcard … enjoy installment #1 …

Postcards from Vered #1“May 27th, 1963

Hi Ima,

How are you? I hope you are well – I miss you a lot!

Teaching here in Buffalo is going well – I really like my students, and getting to show them everyday what biochemical crystallography is all about is very fulfilling. My research isn’t going quite as well, though – my collaborators and I are stuck on getting an enzyme found in saliva to remain still long enough to take an image of it. It isn’t as simple as saying “1-2-3-CHEESE!” because you may only be able to get an image of the enzyme in 1 millisecond intervals, which surely makes the task that much more challenging than it already is. Some people we work with at Hebrew University in Jerusalem are having better luck than us, and we hope they will share their results based on all the work we have already done together so we can publish.

How is Brooklyn? I miss it very much. It’s very hard here during the high holidays – there aren’t nearly the number of people who celebrate as there are back home, and the matzah is terrible! I hope Uncle Isaac and Aunt Sarah were able to join you for the First Seder – I remember they were very much looking forward to it.

Ok Ima – I shall write to you again tomorrow!



ps. What do you think of these glasses? I got them while visiting Toronto for a conference at a beautiful optical store named Vered Optical, near my hotel – very stylish, huh?