Postcards From Vered – #10

A vintage photograph of Shoshana visiting her friend Aviva's family in The Hamptons

May 28th, 1962

 Dear Shoshana,

 How are you, my younger sister? I hope you are looking after mother and father while I am away with the girls here in The Hamptons. 

 Aviva’s parents are very nice, and their summer home is absolutely magnificent! They actually prefer being there rather than Manhattan, and I don’t blame them. I don’t know if I could see myself living on Park Avenue longer than a year or two before I went crazy. However, Jenny’s dad needs to be as close to Wall Street as possible, and is probably leaving tonight to get back to the markets. I find stocks a trifle boring, but every man needs work, I suppose. 

I miss you, Sho, but I’ll be back in Chicago very soon. To be honest with you, though New York has a bit more action than home, I don’t really see a reason to up and move to the East Side, even if David does get a job downtown at the stock market. I would much rather Brooklyn if we have to as it’d be more like our neighbourhood, but David wants to have a different sort of experience once he is done at Northwestern.

Before I forget, thank you for the lovely sunglasses – a perfect birthday gift, Sho! You always know what to get me! What do you think they look like with this wrap I bought here at Bloomies? (Which by the way, is MUCH better than the one on North Michigan, but not enough of a reason to move to New York!).

I love you, sis! See you when I’m back!