Postcards From Vered – #11

This is a vintage photograph from the 1950s depicting a mother (wearing hip sunglasses) and son cross country skiing

“June 12th, 1961

Dear Uncle Simon,

Thank you so much for the lovely wishes you sent for Marika and her highschool graduation. I can’t believe how much time has gone by since you were here last. Yes indeed, Marika has now graduated and will be heading to university in the Fall. We are very happy that she’s been accepted  by the University of Waterloo, so it allows her to stay close. Waterloo is a relatively new school, and doesn’t have the same reputation as Toronto or Queen’s, but for now, it will be nice to know that’s she’s just around the corner, so to speak, and we can see her frequently. She is going to study history as she hopes to go to into Law in the future.

Ben is doing great. I think the last time you saw him was when he was 4 years old – he is now nearly 7 and has remained very happy young man. Take a look at the picture I’ve enclosed, as both he and I are photographed doing some cross-country skiing near King City. The kids and I went a few times last Winter, and everytime we had an absolute ball. Do you remember the wonderful times we had when you would take me cross-country skiing when I was a child? 

Mom is doing well. She had her surgery in March is still on the mend, though she is fairing much better than the doctor’s thought she would. The children and I were so worried. Thanks again for all the sweet letters and gifts you sent us during that time. Again, if you see the attached photograph, the fancy sunglasses you bought for me are worn quite regularly. You’re always too generous.

How is San Francisco? I doubt you had the snow that we experienced here in Toronto last winter (not that you’d forget). Perhaps once Marika is settled in at school, Ben and I will come visit you again. He often talks about you. 

Thank you very warmly once again.

Your loving niece,