Postcards From Vered – #2


“August 4th, 1943

Dear Margaret,

I really miss you and the children. Utah is a lonely place – the days are long and hard while the nights are chilly and even longer. I’m grateful for the work after what we experienced a few years ago, but Columbia Steel is the most busy operation I’ve ever worked for. It could be because we are at war, and our boys need all the help they can get to defeat those evil SOB’s overseas, but there is barely a moment to sit down and have the sandwiches they give us to eat during lunch. I don’t mind though… having all the time in the world and not having enough dough to eat is a whole other story, one that I’d like to leave behind in the 30’s where it belongs.

I’ve made a friend here – Lucas. He’s actually my boss, but he’s very nice and understanding and really values the hard work I put in, and he even has the same kind of eyeglasses that I do. He can be a bit demanding sometimes, but that’s only because he himself is under so much pressure from the higher ups. Word is that Eisenhower personally called the President of the company and yelled at him because the army is still waiting for more material out West so our boys can get back Guam. Sometimes I wish I was still in the army where the action is, instead of working here in the rough, but I’m too old now to fire a gun, let alone my bad knee – I can barely make it down to the coffee stand sometimes, nevermind cross rivers in the dark with all your equipment on your back.

Tell Charlie and Alice I love them very much and I’ll be home soon for a few days to see them before they go back to school.

I’ll try and give you a call sometime this week, too.