Postcards From Vered – #3

BobJuneChristy“October 19th, 1959

Hi Stan,

June and I are still trotting around on this trip … seeing this country by train is something special with all the squares buying cars so they can joyride back and forth between their boring job and suburban spread … I almost never want to come back to LA, but probably will have to at some point as June misses her friends and I need to play to pay some bills as we’re still waiting for June’s royalties …

Interesting story … June and I were in a small diner outside of Boise and this guy who obviously was from the country and had never been in a big city, probably rarely ever in Boise for that matter, called me a commie because of my glasses – what do you think of that? He said that American-loving patriots wouldn’t want to look like a pinko, and that I should get the hell back to Moscow. Wow man … shoulda been there .. I wear these glasses because I need to see to read .. to play .. to live … plus June says I look pretty hip in them ….

We’ll be back soon … please set up a session in the studio so we can practice as soon as I return …

See you soon,


ps. June and I got recognized yesterday in Nashville … this older cat asked us if we were “the REAL June Christy and Bob Cooper” … we just laughed, said yes, and he bought us a drink at this dive …”