Postcards From Vered – #4

Postcards From Vered - #4July 16th, 1962

Dear Louise,

How are you? Been a long time. From what I remember, Thursday is your birthday, and so I hope this reaches you for your special occasion. Things are well with me – really enjoying being out here in California for the summer. Me and the guys do nothing but surf and hang out on the beach when we’re not working – as you can see, this photo is taken during one of our sessions. I’m still the lone man out of the group in the sense that I hate to wearing shades (even if they are on top of my head like in this picture) – remember how you called me “squinty”?

Listen, I know the last time we spoke, it didn’t go that great. I’m sorry for everything I said and when I look back, for the things I didn’t say, too. I’m not really good with that kind of stuff, and probably never will be. You have every right in the world to still be angry with me, but I hope that with so much time passing, your feelings towards me are more mellow now. I really did the best I could during our time together, and though I still feel you deserve someone who is more … well, together, probably a bit older and has things better figured out, I really miss you and think about all that we shared together every day. It’s even harder because the first time I was ever in California was with you when we visited Los Angeles together during spring break last year. All the same, I know this is for the best, and I’m sure by now you’ve met someone that you care for just as much as you cared for me and who is more suited to what you need you back home in Virginia. If you haven’t, I know you will soon.

Anyways, I got to get to bed so I’m going to end off here. School starts again in a month and  a half – maybe we’ll have another class together? If not, and if we do see each other, I’d really like to have a coffee with you and catch up. I hope this is something you’d be interested in as well.

Take care till next time,