Postcards From Vered – #5

Postcards From Vered #5

February 28th, 1942

Hi Bobby,

Thanks for your note. I always like hearing from my fans, especially the younger ones like you. Though magic is for everyone, I think that younger audiences truly benefit from my performances because they aren’t as bitter, made cynical by life’s problems.

It was very refreshing to hear that you one day would like to be a magician – don’t give up on your dreams, kiddo, because without them, there’s nothing worth living for. When I’m back in Omaha again, be sure to come see my show again and afterwards, I can teach you some tricks. My agent says I should be around those parts again in the next year, so make sure you tell your parents.

To answer your question, I didn’t really saw that lady in half – it was an illusion … I’ll show you that one, too, but you best be wearing your glasses so you can see what I do.

Ok young man … gotta go …. keep dreamin’ ….

- The Incredible Joe S.