Postcards From Vered – #6

Abraham Lincoln glasses

“June 10th, 1957

Hi Dad,

I am sending you a quick note with this photo enclosed as I thought you’d like it. Here at Cornell, this unique portrait of President Lincoln is painted on glass, and it shows him wearing round glasses, just like the ones you wear. I cannot come home right now due to the exhaustive amount of schoolwork I have (English Lit is probably the worst right now), but I thought it’d be a nice early father’s day momento – I hope you like it.

The archivist responsible for the portrait’s curation is not sure what year it is from – he says it may have been done as early as 1900! Either way, it’s a very rare piece and one the crown jewels of Cornell’s Americana collection. The next time you come to visit, I’ll have to take you to where it is on display.

I will call you next week, but in the meantime, here’s wishing you an early Happy Father’s Day, pop, and I look forward to seeing Mom, Claire and yourself very, very soon.