Postcards From Vered – #7

Postcards Vered 7

“May 30th, 1928

Dear James,

My old friend – I hope this finds you well!

In preparation for my trip to the Far East in the relatively near future, much of which has to do with the hope of seeing you, please see enclosed the picture capturing me in a suit I wore for that particular photograph. I purchased this suit on Saville Row, but the cost is bit too significant to buy another haphazardly, even though I’m slated to be there again next month. Do you think it would be possible for you scout around Nathan Road and see if one of the many tailors produce anything reminiscent of this fine example? Assuming someone does, when I arrive in the Fall, we can visit him together. Perhaps we can both get ourselves a few new suits?

I’d also like to see what kind of eyeglasses are available in Hong Kong these days – the styles here in New York are a little tired at the moment.

I will write you again soon, James. As always, my warmth to Clarice.