R. I. P. James Gandolfini – Toronto Will Miss You!

James Gandolfini glasses

Gandolfini as CIA Director, “Zero Dark Thirty”, 2012, wearing light rimless glasses

James Gandolfini has been called one of the greatest actors of recent times. A hard-working man dedicated to his craft, his primary fame came from his groundbreaking performance as Tony Soprano in “The Sopranos”, focusing on his life as leader of New Jersey’s largest mafia crime syndicate while battling the everyday problems of family and emotions concomitant with everyday modern life. ¬†Though cast as a tough guy in many features, Gandolfini considered himself a “260 pound version of Woody Allen”, and those who knew him concurred on his genius, always carefully adding that he was kind, gentle and extremely generous.

James Gandolfini Sunglasses Sopranos

Vered Optical enjoyed “The Sopranos” right from the start, and seeing Gandolfini in many feature films, including the recent Oscar winner, “Zero Dark Thirty”, only bolstered his legendary acting status in our eyes. It is with a heavy heart that we bid you farewell, Mr. Gandolfini – you will be missed but never forgotten.

James Gandolfini Toronto TIFFGandolfini in Toronto (without any glasses or sunglasses) for the Toronto International Film Festival, 2011