Reading In Poor Quality Light Will NOT Damage Your Eyes!

This is the Rembrandt painting Rembrandt "Portrait Of A Man Reading By Candlelight" in reference to reading in dim light

INTERESTING EYEWEAR FACT (or EYEWEAR MYTH BUSTED): The old wives tale that reading in dim light will damage one’s eyesight is totally bunk. In fact, this is nearly impossible to believe if one applies a little logic:

  • Torch light has been guiding people through darkness since the discovery of fire throughout every corner of the globe. No one has ever cited using a torch at night as a reason for vision problems.
  • Prior to electricity and widespread literacy, those lucky enough to read could only do so by candle or gas light (a la Rembrandt‘s subject in “Portrait Of A Man Reading By Candlelight” - see above). With the constant flickering of such a source, lay people would believe that this would surely lead to poor eyes. However, in terms of medical science, candle or gas light has never been linked to vision deterioration.
  • Cameras function very similar to eyes, even sharing structural features to eye anatomy. There has never been a report of camera damage from taking pictures in low light.

The bottom line is this – reading in dim light, albeit frustrating, is not a cause of poor vision. Moreover, one’s declining ability to read in low light conditions is probably indicative of a bigger eyesight issue signifying the need to visit your local eye care professional.

Happy poor quality light reading!