Snazzy Vintage Reproduction Readers For The Bookish Set From Assoluto

A photo of Assoluto reading eyeglasses

When people think of readers, they don’t normally think of snazzy. Nevermind the idea of a bookish intellectual … usually, they picture hopelessly unstylish squares reading the local newspaper about what happened during the Annual Meatloaf Fest. Canadian designer eyewear house extraordinaire, Spectacle Eyeworks, and their unique line of vintage reproductions, Assoluto, has changed that with a pair of readers that will impress upon all around the person wearing them that not only do they read, but they have an acute sense of style. Not to mention, these frames are also exceptionally sturdy and robust, and will easily take being thrown off of one’s face from reading a good book in bed. The acetate (plastic composite material that comprises the frames) is some of the best we have ever handled. Never be viewed as nothing but a book nerd again ….