The Top 10 Toronto Celebrities Whose Fashion Sense Includes Hip Eyeglasses And Sunglasses Style

Toronto is considered one of the hippest cities on the planet at the moment. This is particularly interesting to those of us old enough to remember when Montreal was considered the coolest Canada had to offer, and Toronto was nothing more than a boring burg where all anyone did was work. Yet, today, from music and the arts to fashion … and of course, eyewear, Toronto can step toe-to-toe with any city in the world when it comes to forward-thinking, including frames. This is in no small way demonstrated by the many celebrities of Toronto who are caught very commonly by camera in stylish eyeglasses or sunglasses. Below is a list of 10 such folks we think are noteworthy for representing the chic side of Toronto eyewear fashion.

An oil painting of Downtown Toronto in a semi-abstract style

10. Drake

This local-gone-global hip hop extraordinaire that needs no introduction was all over the recent Raptors v.s. Knicks “Northern Uprising” matches, and is also regularly seen in pretty dope retro-styled sunglasses.  Oh, you fancy, huh, Drake?

A photo of Drake wearing retro sunglasses

9. Margaret Atwood

Ms. Atwood is probably the most important living author in Canada, a true literary institution and a Toronto legend. Though rare, when performing public readings, she is often seen wearing half-glass reading frames … often pretty stylish, too!

A photo of Margaret Atwood wearing half-readers at a reading she is conducting 8. Frank Gehry

One of the most famous architects in history, Gehry is originally from Toronto, and has left his groundbreaking mark all over the world, not to mention in his own backyard through his stunning re-work of the Art Gallery of Ontario. Not a surprise his choice in eyewear is also unique.

A hip photograph of Frank Gehry

7. Mia Kirshner

The highly regarded homegrown girl who has been making waves since the 1990s straddles the mainstream and art house film scenes alike. Her attractiveness does not waver, however, between her looks with and without eyeglasses …

A photograph of Mia Kirshner wearing eyeglasses  6. Atom Egoyan

Canada’s most famous art house film director, known the world over for his exploration of isolation and deprivation through his work, is never seen without a pair of smart eyeglasses.

A photo of Atom Egoyan wearing eyeglasses

5. Nina Dobrev

Born and raised in Toronto, and a self-described nerd, this young beauty is already taking the world by storm through her roles in TV and film. If given the chance, she could take over the world of eyeglasses and sunglasses, too.

A photo collage of Nina Dobrev wearing eyeglasses and sunglasses

4. David Cronenberg

One of the most internationally known Canadians there is, Cronenberg is a legendary director who has been making incredible cinema since the 1980s, and doesn’t intend to cease anytime soon. His wearing of great eyeglass frames also seems never-ending.

A mildly creepy photograph of David Cronenberg wearing eyeglasses

3. Don McKellar

McKellar is the kind of Canadian movie star celebrity who brushes up with the likes of A-Listers and Atom Egoyan alike, the perfect Torontonian mascot. He is also the kind of celebrity whose demeanour and candor really lends itself exceptionally well to wearing eyeglasses.

A candid photograph of Don McKellar wearing eyeglasses 2. Rachel McAdams

Though one of the high queen’s of millenial Hollywood and sought-after all over the world, this amazing actress purportedly owns a modest home in the Annex and is seen biking across town when not using the TTC. Her modesty is even more endearing when considering how she looks wearing sunglasses.

A candid photograph of Rachel McAdams wearing sunglasses1. Jeanne Beker

Beker’s “Fashion Television” is most likely a very big reason why Toronto went from Montreal-underdog to so-hip-it-hurts when it comes to style. Her pulse on the world of fashion and her superb coverage of it from around the globe has influenced generations of Torontonians, and it is why she is #1 on this list, as that also includes her great exposes of stylish eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Jeanne Beker In Eyeglasses