True Vintage Funky Style … James Brown … Get On Up!

So this isn’t a strictly eyewear-related post as per what you have normally come to expect from our celebrated blog posts, but it’s relevant in the sense that James Brown has been a benchmark for musical style for the last 50 years, starting in the 1960s, and from his music, so much culture has been touched in general, including eyewear!

Many of the customers who have found our store have cited Mr. Brown as one of their favourite musicians, to the extent that we’ve begun to play his tracks amongst the usual jazz that resonates throughout the store during business hours. James Brown, as everyone knows, is the Godfather of Soul, the King of Funk, and the person responsible for influencing 90% of contemporary music, as without him, none of it would exist … that means you Justin Timberlake, you too, Rihanna, and even you, Avicii!

This is the absolute most favourite Vered Optical James Brown tune … and he recorded a live version (along with Danny Ray and Bobby Byrd, 2 of his longest-tenured bandmates) of it for one his many 1000’s of television performances … enjoy, get on up, and get involved!