INTERESTING EYEWEAR FACT: We Receive 80% Of Lifetime UV Exposure Before 18

This is a photo of a very hip kid wearing Sons & Daughters sunglasses for children

INTERESTING EYEWEAR FACT: By the time a person is 18, they have received approximately 80% of our total lifetime ultra violet (UV) exposure. As well, kid’s eyes are much more sensitive to ultra violet light from the sun, as well as blue light from LCD TV’s, mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers and tablets. That’s why protecting our eyes from an early age is so important.

Some other reasons for this are as follows:

  • Children spend a lot more time outdoors, and therefore, have more sun exposure
  • The eyes of a child tend to have larger pupils, therefore permitting more UV rays to enter
  • The juvenile crystalline lens is much more transparent, and lets in more UV rays

Always remember that when you put your sunglasses on, you should make sure your children do as well.