Why Handmade Eyewear?

Vered Optical prides itself on specializing in handmade designer eyewear from unique style houses around the globe. Virtually all of the luxury lines we carry feature handmade frames, and designers the world over want to say their frames are handmade, evidenced by how they position their stock when they come to our shop and tell us why we should sell their eyewear.

Handmade Versus Machine-Made Eyewear

The reason handmade eyewear is so sought-after is simple. Frames, whether they are sunglasses or just a pair of reading glasses, are like anything else – being handmade means imperfections and deviations from the norm are immediately identified and fixed on the spot during the actual process of production. This also means that materials not up to the standards of being placed on someone’s face most of the day will be cast aside.

Handmade Eyewear

With machine-made frames, producers do not have the same intimate involvement with each pair of glasses. In fact, most quality control takes place after production, and so imperfections are harder to notice because the frame is now completely assembled, and flaws may be harder to detect, or even hidden, the same going for materials.

Assembly LineNot all machine-made eyewear is poorly made, and we stock various brands known to be made with machines that we will stand by because from our experience, they come back to the store for repairs with the same frequency as handmade frames do. However, Vered Optical prefers, has always preferred dating back to the 1970’s, and is continually honing its specialization in handmade designer eyewear, as we feel that considering how much someone wears a pair of frames, not to mention that they are on a person’s face, the best eyewear experience is often provided with handmade eyewear.