Why Vered Optical Is Different From Other Opticals In Toronto


Toronto is one of the most fashionable cities in the world. It literally ranks among the most stylish of the globe’s truly cosmopolitan capitals, like London, New York and Paris, especially since its replacement of Montreal as the culture capital of Cananda over the last 30 years. Eyewear, both eyeglasses and sunglasses, donned by the citizens of the “big smoke” is as fashion-forward and avant garde as it would be in any of the aforementioned major burgs. Though no major eyewear designers are based in the city, there is certainly no shortage of people in Toronto wearing stylish frames and slick shades.

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One of the greatest things about Toronto for eyewear shoppers is that when looking for the perfect pair of glasses, that most chic set of sunglasses, or even when trying to get a hip pair of reading glasses, it isn’t difficult to find an optical. In fact, many of the opticals in Toronto are long-established with decades of history and establishment. Vered Optical, despite it’s owners’ 50+ years of experience in the eyewear industry, takes pride in the fact that we look to the ranks of other major eyewear stores and glasses shops for inspiration, just like any other business would in whatever industry it resides in.

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The major difference between Vered Optical and other opticals in Toronto is what we value most – our community. Though we consistently offer the most stylish eyewear on the market from around the world, we are not just an optical – our store is a gathering place for our patrons. With this, We are proud and contributing members of the community that we are based in here at Bathurst and Glencairn, and our customers are not just customers – they are our friends. There are few opticals in Toronto where the owners and opticians of a store where someone gets their glasses are also invited to weddings and birthdays, special occasions, and even funerals. We are truly honoured by the level of intimacy, trust, loyalty and comraderie that our customers have shown us every single day we have been in business since 2006, and we strive to continue to please and make happy all our friends who continue to choose us to insure their their vision is maximized and purchase their eyewear.

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As Toronto is Canada’s largest, most bustling metropolis, there is a certain expectation that people are fickle and superficial, only caring about what they can get from others and what can be done for them. Vered Optical, based in a very colourful and unique locale not only within Toronto, but within the entire country, demonstrates that a business can aspire to be more than simply a place where money is exchanged for a product or service. Vered Optical is not just an optical in Toronto, but a gathering place for the community it is found in, where friends can see one another and share in eachother’s lives all while perfecting and safeguarding their most precious commodity, their vision. It just so happens that this can also be done while wearing some of the best eyewear you can find in Toronto.